Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Critical Distinction

From my reading this morning... 

"All sorts of people are fond of repeating the Christian statement that 'God is Love.' But they seem not to notice that the words 'God is love' have no real meaning unless God contains at least two Persons. Love is something that one person has for another person. If God was a single person, then before the world was made, He was not love. Of course, what these people mean when they say that God is love is often something quite different: they really mean 'Love is God'. They really mean that our feelings of love, however and wherever they arise, and whatever results they produce, are to be treated with great respect. Perhaps they are: but that is something quite different from what Christians mean by the statement 'God is love.' They believe that the living, dynamic activity of love has been going on in God forever and has created everything else.  And that, by the way, is perhaps the most important difference between Christianity and all other religions: that in Christianity God is not a static thing - not even a person- but a dynamic, pulsating activity, a life, almost a kind of drama. Almost, if you will not think me irreverent, a kind of dance."

-C. S. Lewis
From Mere Christianity

Friday, February 11, 2011

Honeymoons never end...

Here's to getting snowed in together and living as though we were stranded in the middle of nowhere... 

It's February. And I officially love this month. (I count off on my kid's essays for starting sentences with "And." oh well. 6th graders don't read blogs)
Anyways.... We, like almost everyone in America, were snowed in for five days of the past two weeks. I kept hearing of people getting stir crazy and suffering from cabin fever.... which baffles me. Jody and I loved every second of our lazy, sluggish, fat, wonderful, splendid, cabin days and would have LOVED for them to be continued. Coffee shops, reading, Scrabble and Yahtzee consumed our time, as well as hours cuddled up with reruns of Friends and Mad Men. Pretty sure teachers heart snow days more than their students...

 A glimpse into our little "vacation"... The pic of me is in no way an attempt to be artistic. I had just gotten hit by a huge snow ball by the person in the next picture. He's so sweet...

Snow ice cream, eggs benedict, spiced cider, and eating in bed! ... Also, the superbowl McDonald's special 50 piece nuggets. Don't judge.
Snow days, I love you.

I have to say, I was a little bit excited to see my kids back in Coppell...


Is it awful that I started a gigantic countdown to Summer?? Don't answer that. Every day in my planner is marked with a wonderful number, meaning I am one day closer to sweet summertime. Snow days are through. I'm tired of the cold weather and wishing for summer days like these...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Christmas craziness

This is a little a lot late, but I have some extra time during these two wonderful snow days in Dallas, so here is our Christmas in pictures:

Every. Single. Morning. You will find my husband's hair looking this lovely.
Beautiful Mollie and Kalee
Greatest family in the world... I'm serious.
Christmas afternoon with my love

It had been too long since my entire family had been together, so we soaked up every minute!! My sister Kalee is living in St. Louis right now (with a job she loves), and my brother Bryan is in the Marines, and well, not in Texas a ton either. Basically, the days couldn't go by slow enough. We played basketball,  watched movies, ate way too much, and had a blast finally being all together.

Barrett is everybody's favorite sibling. And we are all ok admitting it. He's just the best.

And then I turned 25. My older Bryan was in Dallas and flew out on my birthday for Embassy Duty training, so I had to say by to him for a good 2 years!!! It was sad. Very sad. Not a good birthday present... but I'm so excited for him. He finds out in about a week what country he'll be living in for the next year. 

Then I got to have dinner with some of my favorites at Tillman's, and it cheered me up :) So did the smore deserts. So did the scarf that Ashley knit me for my bday.

Happy snow day everyone!!