Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fear the frying pan

First post from the husband:

Marriage comes with a steep learning curve, plain and simple. I have been happily married for over a year and I wouldn’t change a second of it. I have a beautiful, loving, and caring wife who takes care of a child, me. (I estimate that my age of household maturity is around 13, but others would venture much higher because I have facial hair.) However, learning at that age, or any age after a year of marriage, can be a difficult task.

My father is a physics/chemistry teacher at the magnificent New Braunfels High School, and he tells all of his students different stories in order for them to easily remember certain concepts. This one in particular was entitled “Respect the Laws of Physics.” The cliff note version begins with my mom slaving over the hot stove in order to prepare a meal for my dad. Unsatisfied with the finished product, my father commented, as if a judge on Iron Chef America (not the Japanese Version), on the lack of flavor and presentation. Unbeknownst to him, my mother had been through a tough day and was not prepared for the criticism. Overflowing with righteous anger, she threw a frying pan at my father. Luckily only minimal damage was done, and the only relevance to physics was that heavy things thrown at you hurt.

As my father imparted this wisdom to me, I must have somehow forgotten its moral. No, Kristee has not yet hurled any blunt objects in my direction, but she should have. Kristee would bust it for an hour in the kitchen, and for some reason I would question the amount of sauce on the chicken. It was as if I was the fat judge telling Bobby Flay how to cook, and I can’t stand that guy. Thinking to myself, this is constructive criticism that is helping her tremendously. Realistically, she should have thrown a frying pan at me. I thank God I married a patient woman. She gave me the time to grow up and realize the bigger picture. She sacrifices so many things on a daily basis just to make my life a little bit easier.

At the beginning of our marriage my wife didn't like to cook, wonder why? Salads were her go to dish. As the year has progressed, she has blown me away with her cooking ability. Homemade brownies the other day, amazing! Each night she is trying something different, and I take credit for this new passion. My silence is truly golden. All in all, my wife is not afraid of the frying pan, and my diet no longer consists of a steady stream of muchacos from Taco Bueno.

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  1. haha...thak you for this little snippet of y'alls relationship. I love y'all!