Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A late post about Wurstfest

SOO, we went to something called Wurstfest. Heard of it? Jody, being from New Braunfels and adoring his home town, thrives on opportunities to visit good ole NB. I'm a fan too.

Wurstfest  aka "Sausage festival"

If you are not aquainted with this lovely, 50 year old party, here it is: "A unique celebration rich in German culture and full of Texas fun located in beautiful New Braunfels, Texas! Enjoy good fun, food, special events and the finest in Alpine and Bavarian Style Entertainment."

REALLY... thousands of people gathering along the Comal River celebrating their lack of German heritage in a German created town spending more money than they should on beer, more beer, interesting / disturbing / hilarious costumes (see pictures below), and rocking out to really loud music.

What I loved the most about it obviously revolved around food (And of course people watching extreme) had the most delectable foods OF MY LIFE. Dozens of  booths offering well more than 100 kinds of food, from fried Oreos to goulash, funnel cakes, sausage balls and potato pancakes with apple sauce on top. Uh-mazing. I recommend going, if not for this reason alone.

For those who know about Wursfest, the most important part of the entire celebration are the prestigious men and women of NB who dress up as opa and opas, ("Grandparents") and volunteer to help out with the 120,000 + attendees. I know a couple of Jody's friends (Uh hem, SEAN) have making opa status a life goal.

Apparently it's quite a big deal in South Texas. Jody has gone every year since 6th grade I believe?? A German celebration / loud, fun music / The greatest food found in the state of Texas. We had a blast with my cousin Daley, and I'm thankful for being introduced to this tradition my husband loves so much.

Daley, Chelsea and me.
Jody's favorite people to go to Wurstfest with. Love his sweet parents.

How could I forget! We also ran in the Wurst-run that morning... By the look on Jody's face, you can guess who won. :) Of course he has his own story but.... That's all I'm going to say. (We're not competitive at all....)

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