Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Christmas craziness

This is a little a lot late, but I have some extra time during these two wonderful snow days in Dallas, so here is our Christmas in pictures:

Every. Single. Morning. You will find my husband's hair looking this lovely.
Beautiful Mollie and Kalee
Greatest family in the world... I'm serious.
Christmas afternoon with my love

It had been too long since my entire family had been together, so we soaked up every minute!! My sister Kalee is living in St. Louis right now (with a job she loves), and my brother Bryan is in the Marines, and well, not in Texas a ton either. Basically, the days couldn't go by slow enough. We played basketball,  watched movies, ate way too much, and had a blast finally being all together.

Barrett is everybody's favorite sibling. And we are all ok admitting it. He's just the best.

And then I turned 25. My older Bryan was in Dallas and flew out on my birthday for Embassy Duty training, so I had to say by to him for a good 2 years!!! It was sad. Very sad. Not a good birthday present... but I'm so excited for him. He finds out in about a week what country he'll be living in for the next year. 

Then I got to have dinner with some of my favorites at Tillman's, and it cheered me up :) So did the smore deserts. So did the scarf that Ashley knit me for my bday.

Happy snow day everyone!!

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  1. wow kristee...everyday is lovely... for you huh? You should name your blog that. ;) love you