Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ash and Jor

Two of my favorite, I mean absolute FAVORITE girls had birthdays this past week.

These girls have brought so much happiness, laughter and joy into my life. Most of my favorite memories from college involve one of these two or both. Their personalities aren't exactly alike, but they are both absolute goof balls, who love life yet don't take the small things too seriously, who love to seize opportunities for a good time, but also love the occasion for a weekend long movie marathon ( as anti-social as this is, I LOVE it). These girls seek the Lord with honesty and integrity, challenge me in my walk, are loyal and trustworthy friends, look really good without make up (seek picture below), married AWESOME guys that I just adore, are terrible at anything involving karaoke (ok, that's just ashley), and make me laugh constantly when we're together. They were pretty much perfect roommates in college, and I wouldn't trade them for anybody... excpet Jody. I'm so blessed to call them best friends.

Ashley and Jordan, your friendship makes my life better for so many reasons. Don't know what I would do without you.

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