Monday, August 30, 2010

Bob D

Jody and I are blessed with pretty phenomenal people on both sides of our family. Men and women who are much wiser, not as dorky, and way more hilarious than we could ever be. Two of the people that bless us tremendously are my grandparents, Bob and Myrt Davidson. Grandad and Mimi. We got to spend the weekend with them in Graham, and were reminded how lucky we are to have them in our lives. They are over 80, have tons of energy and really are a blast to be around!

 Specifically, during this season of my life, I am blessed to see the rare and incredible love they have for each other. Their marriage is inspiring. I've never seen a man pursue a woman like my grandpa STILL pursues his wife. He holds her hand everywhere they go, opens doors for her, shows patience in every circumstance, encourages her, is very intentional in putting her desires above his own and is always bragging on what a phenomenal woman she is. He sits two inches from her side, holding her hand tight, and it tugs my heart deeply to see how they love each other year in and year out.

If any of my thousands of readers have ever met this man, they know he has A LOT of stories to tell. Stories of traveling the world, stories of his 5 kids, 12 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren, stories of sports, stories of mission and of Christ, stories of struggle and triumph, stories of preaching and of people he loves. He loves telling stories, and some of my favorite ones are about the love of his life. I mean, this man proposed to her through the mail from across the country, freaked out thinking she would say no, and tried to get the letter back from the post office! Luckily, after receiving the letter, she quickly made the long distance call from Abilene to New York to tell him yes and ease his mind. How great of a story is that?!
There is no doubt these two were plagued with struggle and tough times in their journey. When they were our age, they were living in a foreign country, unable to consistently communicate with their family or friends... I can't even imagine. They've never been 'prosperous' so to say, but it never mattered to them. The way these two love each other and the Lord is inspiring. They are historically content and have a passion for ministry that I so desire. Christ has a lot work to do in my heart and I have a lot of selfishness I need to let go. I'm going to try and serve my husband well this week. You can ask Jody how that goes...

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  1. Loved reading this Kristee. Didn't know you had gotten your Blog up and running! I'm excited to see you Friday , my dear!