Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Here goes...

We're the Walkers. This is our blog. It's only a blog. It's meant to capture our memories, record funny stories, discuss political rants perhaps if Jody is posting :), but more importantly we will write about the good times, the not so good times, and the ways we are being molded as we struggle to figure out, and live out, the Lord's desire for our lives.

Some of my good friends would be considered pro-bloggers (shoutout Elsie and Becca.) I also stalk some lucky women online whose blogs are hilarious and/or inspiring. Their blogs ALWAYS capture my attention and leave me with mixed feelings... 1.) wanting more and more of their words to pop up on my computer screen because it makes my heart happy and 2.) desperately jealous of their creativity skills and wishing I was more like them. Because of our boring, no... content lives, this blog for sure won't match up with any of these impressive ladies. We just don't have that much going on. But it's not meant for everybody, just those who wish to follow our lives. I'll do the best I can ok??

We plan to both contribute to this blog, and unlike many other things in my life, I will try to stick with this. Not that I would ever leave something unfinished (eh hem, like my shared, halfway painted bedroom in college.) Right Jordan?

I'm so excited to be a part of this little bloggy world! Ok, I'm going to go do something important...


  1. Kristee! I'm so excited you started a blog!!! I too, have always been a blog stalker/wannabee and i just started one about a month ago. I am so behind and need to better, but it's so fun :D can't wait to follow all your happenings! hope all is well & miss you!

  2. love this!! im so excited to blog stalk yall!!

  3. Kristen, coming from the blog I stalk the most... those words are so exciting to me!! :) You have the most adorable little family.