Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jody's 50 -not 100- things

Sean Hill, this post is for you... Most people will find this post rather worthless.

1. I shook George W's hand in 5th Grade. He asked me what my favorite color was.

2. I play the ukulele.

3. I hate the Yankees with a passion.

4. I've married the antithesis of a Tom Tom.

5. I'm named after my grandpa Judge.

6. My favorite candy bar is a Pay Day

7.  I had a bowl cut through the 6th grade

8. I always wanted to go to Space camp, but it never happened.

9. As a child, my dream vacation was to go to Lego Land (and still is.)

10. My name is forever written on a brick at the Texas State Fair. Thanks Grandma.

11.  At the State Fair, when I was 10, I won 2nd place in the lego competition with a three-story cafe and a state flag.

12. I tend to laugh at my own jokes.

13. I have major problems with redneck Christians.

14. Much to my wife's disapproval, my favorite outfit is a grey sweatshirt and grey sweatpants.

15. I could live in Boston.

16. I'll admit it, I love Taylor Swift. T Swift. Tay Tay.

17. I never graduated from ski school, so I hate skiing. My wife is trying to ease me back in.

18. I own a surfboard, but I'm not so great at surfing. I'm working on it.

19. My friend Sean and I used to keep stats on ever NCAA football game we played. We obviously had some spare time...

20. I often got deservingly spanked from my grandma growing up. She is now one of my favorite people in the world.

21. Also, I had a neck and wrist leash whenever my mom would take me to public places.

22. I fear for my wife if we have a son who acts like I did as a child.

23. I find too much joy in sneaking up on my wife and scaring her... Which is way too easy.

24. I love Great Danes and will never own a purse dog. Sorry Ashley.

25. Arrested Development is my favorite show.

26. I wish I was good at golf.

27. My all-time favorite author is C.S. Lewis.

28. Best book I've ever read is the Screwtape Letters.

29. I never thought I'd be writing on a blog.

30. Since being engaged and married to my wife, my facebook pictures tagged have multiplied by 50.

31. I wish my wife would let me grow my handlebar mustache out.

32. And wear my American flag bandana in public.

33. And grow my hair back out.

34. But I love her anyways.

35. If I didn't have asthma, I would probably be in the Navy right now.

36. I can't wait to have a big family.

37. The greatest thing that ever happened to me was when a lady in the grocery store saw me in my Red Sox jacket and asked me what position I played for them.

38. I hung out with Michael Irvin at the World Premiere of "Friday Night Lights" in Los Angeles.

39. I was 50 pounds bigger in college.

40. I'm trying to talk my younger brother-in-law into being a Wildcat.

41. I'm trying to turn into a long distance runner.

42. I beat my wife in basketball. And I'm proud of it.

43.  My kids better go to T Bar M instead of Kanakuk, the kult with a k. :)

44. I can't stand a limp handshake.

45. Nothing beats Texas High School football.

46. I hope to finish writing a book by the time I'm 28.

47. I love my Sunday afternoon naps

48. I never drank coffee until I went to Law school.

49. I married a fox.

50. I would never have made it to 100.

I should be studying...

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  1. glad you did this, Jody! crackin me up right now.