Saturday, January 22, 2011

New York and Four Texas Ladies...

One of my biggest wishes for a long time has been to travel to New York City. I'll admit, it's a place I would never desire to live but the idea of spending a few wishful days there was always captivating to me... and something I didn't think would be realistic for a very long time. Then Grace happened. Grace is one of my friends who is such a go getter. She's not one to flippantly throw around ideas hoping they might turn out. Unlike me, Grace makes. it. happen.
I went to Colorado with Grace and two of our other girlfriends, Kelsey and Rachel this summer, and we decided that we liked being around each other quite a bit and the four of us should get together for another tryst soon. I was thinking maybe Abilene, Dallas or Austin? Of course, Grace was thinking bigger...New York City. Although all of us acted excited about the idea, in our minds we were thinking...$$$....??? Not going to happen.
Soon enough, Grace found us crazy cheap flights, a place to stay, and there was no saying no.

On our first night in New York City... Hot dog, dinner, desert, late night pizza = perfection.

My first New York Broadway show... I loved it just as much as everyone said I would.

We are all one year apart, and have a unique connection... Grace and Kelsey were best friends in High school (in Abilene), Kelsey and I played basketball together at ACU, and Grace and I became good friends through Kelsey. Rachel comes in the picture when she marries our friend... (my second cousin, Grace's friend from high school and Kelsey's husband's best friend from high school) Confused yet? It just works...

We have a blast every minute we get to spend together. Love this little group so much.

 These are some of the most uplifting girls I know. Our time together is always full of laughter. I'm so blessed by them.

Grace texted me yesterday and said she wanted to look up cruise prices....


  1. Let me know if y'all ever need an extra!! :), but seriously, SO FUN!!! NY is so fun!!

  2. that is so fun!! i love nyc girl trip!!